Zest Garden

Here’s our award winning entry to the 2014 Australian Garden Show Sydney in Centennial Park. Funky, colorful and perfect for a tight, inner city space of only 5 x 5 metres.

The garden was designed to be on a 30 degree angle with plenty of vertical and horizontal lines to combine and give the illusion the space is bigger than it is.

Colorful, frosted Perspex vertical and horizontal panels in burnt orange and lime zest not only provide vibrant splashes of color that positively glow in the sun, they play beautifully with the shadows of the plants and overhead timber poles and create a stunning effect when back and uplit at night.

Angular and varying height garden beds provide interest and the ability to match plants with their ideal soil requirements, as well as adding to the overall appeal of the design. The mainly Australian native plants were selected to compliment and enhance the colors of the panels and styling whilst providing provide a low maintenance garden.

Add our ‘outback haze’ artwork, organic ‘Gumball’ chairs and some fun white chains and the picture is complete.