‘whats goes around’

Our Boutique Garden ‘what goes around…’ was our entry in the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2016.

A contemporary design that uses varying heights, levels, depth and angles to create the illusion of space for small sites.

Its open, curved GFRC seating created a free spirited sense of fluidity and movement to encourage conversation.

The open pergola and its ‘paddles’ provided an element of fun whilst its blue frosted panels entertained with an ever changing show of diffused light by day and interesting shadows at night, when the beautifully organic ‘fire bug’ was glided into position in the seating zone.

The raised seating, gardens and the feature wall provided the opportunity for a diverse array of native and exotic plants from around the world.

A mix of architectural foliage and organic form provided scale to the concrete elements of the design, whilst the combination of cascading plants, shrubs, ground covers and flowering perennials provided softness and colour.

A modular garden prefabricated off site for a quick, stress and mess free installation for clients.

Night images by Jason Edwards Photography courtesy of Gardens at Night.