casual seating platforms

Sue and George advised they rarely ventured further than the deck off their stunning Paddington terrace as there was nothing to tempt them to do so. Built on a slope, the outdoor space has to cope with a pretty dramatic drop between the home and the back of the garden. Solution – turn the problem into the answer by creating an inviting, sunken garden and seating area with lush, scented plants and some contemporary touches.

We reconfigured the existing deck and added wide steps to reach the sunken garden. Casual seating platforms were included either side to create additional usable space for Sue, George and their guests when entertaining. Custom made outdoor cushions provide comfort and a splash of sophisticated color to the space and sheer ice blue curtains were hung in the residence to pick up on the blue in the pattern. Extra large Terrazzo troughs provide a backdrop of greenery and flowers to each of the platforms.

The cushioned timber seating continues in the sunken garden with built in benches nestled in garden beds with sky blue drinks stools. Garden beds seperate these benches from 2m ‘Retro Circles’ Corten Steel Lightboxes which look great during the day and amazing at night.

To keep the garden looking fresh, the planting palette has been kept relatively simple with predominantly greens and whites used – various Camellia shrubs to provide a dense screening against the black boundaries, star and Chilean jasmine to twine through the timber slat screens and Viburnum, Gardenia, Port Wine Magnolia and Magnolia ‘Teddy Bear’ in the beds and pots to provide additional interest. Native violets will provide a lush green carpet with nodding blue and white flowers. ‘Little Ruby’ with its purple foliage and the new Crepe Myrtle with its pink flowers buck this trend to provide some contrast. A mature pink Crepe Myrtle was retained from the existing garden.