Acacia cognata 'Limelight'

This front garden had simple planting of some hedging, dated red mulch, typical white picket fence and little else, all on the one level area, so the view from street and importantly from within the property was uninspiring to say the least. We created a more natural planting scheme whilst giving additional interest by introducing terraces and fish.

Our clients needed low maintenance street gardens to soften the boundaries and provide screening for their newly completed Nth Bondi home.

The front garden design had to provide some visual interest when viewed from inside the property as well as from outside its boundaries, so two levels of raised beds were created to elevate the plantings to achieve this.

The main bed was planted with a mix of Aussie and Asian native grasses Lomandra ‘Limewave’, Pennisetum advena ‘rubrem’ (purple fountain grass) and Miscanthus sinensis (zebra grass) to provide movement and rustling in any breeze, along with and native ground cover (Viola hederacea).

The lower bed was planted with another native, Acacia cognata ‘Limelight’ to give additional movement and a soft, lush, feathery look to either side of the white gold fish pond spiked with a dwarf papyrus, which looks fantastic throughout Summer and Autumn with its delicate brown flowers.

The low slung side bed is planted with Liriope ‘Emerald Cascade’ and Lomandra longiflora ‘Tanika’ to flow over its edge with¬† ‘Echidna Grass’ as its centre piece.

And being a true Aussie garden we couldnt go past a small patch of lawn!