We recognise that how you accessorise your outdoor space is as important as inside and deserves as much thought and creativity.

Either as part of a landscape design for you or as an individual project, we’ll liaise with you in designing and creating contemporary and functional pieces.

outdoor furniture

Curvaceous and fluid, our open curved concrete seating was also a feature of our Boutique Garden ‘What goes around…’ Melbourne International Flower & Garden, and is a beautiful example of how our custom designed seating can enhance a space.

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The great Aussie bbq is an institution and should be celebrated. Whether integrated into an outdoor kitchen or showcased in a bespoke standalone unit, we’ll ensure our designs compliment your style and fit perfectly into the space you have.

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feature gardens and water features

Plants need not be limited to being earthbound nor need you miss out of the calming effect of water. Feature Gardens such as our weathering steel installation for one of our clients penthouse in the historic The Rocks precinct of Sydney address both. Small spaces are no reason not to include stunning installations such as this.

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Your plants deserve to have a good a home as you do. We can make custom planters that will elevate your greenery to a new level.

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We use the following pallet of materials to produce the essential mix of form and function coupled with durability for our often harsh climate.


Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is a hard wearing, versatile, light weight product that is around 1/3 of the weight of normal concrete which allows for an almost limitless range of design options.

Various oxides can be mixed to produce an almost limitless range of colours and shades, and can be polished and sealed to various finishes.

We can design custom made BBQ’s, tables, seating planters – almost anything is possible.

corten steel

Corten is a weathering steel resulting in a beautifully rust effect that adds colour and texture to an outdoor space. Its rich earthy tones and patina develops over time and are ever changing when hit with varying degrees of light.

Great for feature panels, green walls, water features, fire pits, planters, fencing, gates or doors and suiting a range of design styles.

mild steel

Either left to age and rust naturally or powder coated to provide colour  and durability, mild steel offers the same great flexibility as weathering steel in its application options.