Here’s how we work with you for our design services:

landscape design consultation

step 1: onsite consultation

We’ll organise a convenient time with for an onsite consultation in your home. This is where we get to know each other and we can get an understanding for what you want to achieve from a design from us and your budget for the project. This will formulate the Design Brief for us to design to. We’ll take photos of your site and may take various measurements and dimensions or advise you if a survey is required. Please allow up to 2 hours for a relaxed and informative discussion.

step 2: design proposal

We’ll issue you your Design Proposal which will detail the next steps and include the Design Brief, a quote for your design and a Schedule of Works detailing the services we’ll be providing you and our Terms and Conditions.

step 3: concept and landscape plans

Upon receipt of your signed acceptance and deposit we’ll schedule the start of your draft concept. Once completed we’ll organise a time to present to you. This is our opportunity to review and make any changes within the agreed Design Brief. We’ll then finalise your plan/s. Your plan/s may need council approval and as such additional drawings which we’re happy to provide along with managing any Development Application or full project management.


step 1: online request

Complete our straightforward eDesign application and upload images of your space.

step 2: clarification and quote

We’ll contact you to discuss what you want to achieve in more detail and, depending on what you require, will provide you with a quote.

step 3: confirmation to proceed

We’ll produce your eDesign and email a soft copy to you.

bespoke or custom made products or art commissions

step 1: contact us

Contact us and we’ll organise a suitable time to discuss your requirements in more detail. As custom designs or commissions are individual and unique, we’ll ascertain the most suitable options to proceed with your project.