Once you have your design the choice on how you proceed in having it built is entirely up to you. Here’s the options:

design plus

Zest Garden Sky View

Let us organise a quote for you.

We only engage with professional landscape construction teams that share our passion and commitment in creating beautiful spaces to be lived in and enjoyed and who pride themselves on only using:

  • the best quality materials
  • the most appropriate construction techniques for each project
  • industry qualified and licensed landscaping professionals for every design

We recommend this option as we will liaise directly with the construction manager of your design throughout the design phase and construction so you have the peace of mind knowing your landscaping will be of the highest possible standard.

Another advantage is that often we won’t need to draft detail and specification drawings in addition to the Concept Plan, leaving you with more money in your budget for your plants and project to be constructed.

design to go

If you like the idea and challenge of building the design yourself, we can provide detail and specification drawings so you know exactly what’s required. Please remember though that depending on the design certain aspects of the build may require qualified professionals and trades to conduct work to comply with any relevant legislation and/or council requirements.

If the thought of organising trades and dealing with mutiple product suppliers doesn’t sound too appealling you could also source and engage your own landscape construction team to organise and build for you. Again, we can provide the necessary detail and specifications drawings for them should you choose to go this way.