If you’re a fellow landscape designer or landscaping professional that doesn’t have the in-house ability, software or desire to produce 3d renders of your drawings and plans, let us do it for you.

We can transform your 2d drawings and/or plans into glorious 3d rendered images with additional filters and optional slide shows or fly through videos that will really sell your vision to your clients, whether you’re presenting your Draft Concept for approval, or adding the finishing touches to your clients final set of Landscape Plans.

3d renders help your clients clearly visualise what your design will look like once constructed and installed, and allow them to see the colour, form and structure of your proposed planting and to experience the scale of all the design elements in relation to the space. Materials such as stone, concrete and timber come to life and provide texture and warmth to your designs.

Why choose inovasis design?

  • We’re flexible and can create your 3d renders from CAD software including skp, dwg and dxf files as well as hand drawings.
  • One point of contact throughout – the designer you speak with will be the person who creates your renders and who you’ll liaise with throughout the process.
  • Your renders will be drafted by a qualified landscape designer who knows their plants and building materials and understands the industry and design process.
  • HD videos at 120 FPS as standard with optional Ultra High Definition (4K) if you plan to show your clients on a big screen.
  • Optional video hosting for embedding on your website.
  • No outsourcing overseas (or anywhere for that matter) so we’ll be available to speak with you during Australian business hours.
  • No lock in monthly or annual contracts or a minimum spend – engage us only when you need to.

Take look at some of our projects and render project case study Please note quality may vary dependant on your viewing screen – you can adjust the quality using the ‘cog’ symbol on each video

project render images


fly through videos

dawn to dusk

seasons and weather

present different material options to your client


case study tor terraneo landscape design render project

step 1
During our initial call with Courtney from Terraneo we discussed:
The Project Requirements – what Courtney like to achieve and his client’s and our requirements, including:

  • Aspects of the design that for our example of final renders to focus on.
  • Whether a Fly Through video of the design would be required in addition to rendered images.
  • What stage of his Design Process he planned to present to his client – in this case the Draft Concept stage to help sell his design vision.
  • Preferred delivery method of online presentations and our final ‘Project Deliverables’.
  • ‘Documents to be Supplied’ and ‘Documentation Preparation’.

For this project we required:

  • Copies of AUTOCAD .dwg file and PDF showing his design including any specified materials and plants and areas obscured by any other design elements – in this case the pergola over the fire pit zone.
  • Proposed Levels (to enable us to draft accordingly).
  • Key plants to be included.

Courtney provided the PDF’s during our call so we could view together to ensure design intent alignment.

A Render Proposal including the Project Requirements, Documents to be Supplied, Document Preparation, Project Deliverables and Quote was then issued for review and acceptance. Upon signed receipt of the Render Proposal and payment of the Commencement Deposit, we scheduled the project and advised accordingly.

supplied draft concept plan

step 2
We drafted a base 3d model with included the materials, finishes and plants specified on the plan and presented this online for review. This allowed for Courtney to view his design model from all angles and request any tweaks before final drafting occurs to ensure the project progresses smoothly and to the advised timeline. We also produced some draft renders showcasing a feature area of the design with each image demonstrating how effective different filters can be to see which style Courtney would prefer to be produced for his final Project Deliverables. For this project he chose to have his rendered images with a drama filter which can be seen in the slideshows video to compliment the fly through video shown in fly though video’s.

The online presentations were via Team Viewer (other platforms are available).

step 2 base 3d draft model

step 3
We then finalised the 3d model with enhanced finishes and plants and produced a series of rendered images as per the agreed Project Requirements.
These and the fly through video were presented online with Courtney for review and feedback.
Once the feedback was incorporated we delivered the Project Deliverables electronically (in this case via Google Drive – other options such as Dropbox are available) allowing him to use the images and videos across his social media and website as well present to his client either remotely or in person on a device or laptop.
We can also provide the option of a link for any videos or image slide shows that will allow your webhost to embed on your website.

step 4
To add to Terraneo’s Final Landscape Plan Package and at the request of his client, we added a house to the model and produced the new renders – including some night images – and an updated fly fhrough video.

final fly thru and slideshow

Project Timeframes

step 1
The initial call duration was 45 minutes. The Render Proposal was issued within 24 business hours of the call.
step 2
Drafting of the base 3D model and draft renders and online presentation were completed in one business day.
step 3
Model enhancement and render images and fly through video were completed in 2 business days.
step 4
(post project deliverables request)
The new drafting and additional work were produced in 1 business day.

(NOTE: quoted times don’t include any time awaiting decisions or feedback from Courtney or his client and only represent hours worked on the project here in the studio).